New- Collect Direct during the Covid crisis - see below

What We Do

New - Collect Direct

As food shopping becomes more stressful during the Covid pandemic, we have decided to offer our eggs and vegetables directly from the farm (whilst maintaining the required social distancing measures of course). Due to the current restrictions, this is only available via pre-order, so just drop us a line at cristina@lascauxpermaculturegardens.com or contact us via Facebook (see the link above).   We have set  collection times which, along with details of the produce  available are shown below;

Keep checking back as we will be adding more products as they come into season

Collection Times:

Tuesdays 5-6pm

Saturdays:  11-11.30am

Herb Plants

All One Litre Pots  € 4.50



Pot Marjoram 

Garlic Chives

Apple Mint


Green Mint

Seasonal Cut Flowers 

10 stems €2.00

Larger bouquets available


Various - contact for details. One litre pots,  €5.50.

As we are all restricted in our movements at this time, there are some guidelines from the Chambre d'Agriculture (below)  about  collecting that we would be grateful if you could observe. Also, Why not consider collecting for a neighbour or friend as well?

If you are driving we may ask you to open your car boot and leave payment there and we will  off the products there.

Alternatively, you can collect from our pop up shop (a table) but please only come to it one by one (the next ones wait their turn in the car)

For payment, we accept cash, cheque and bank transfer. If you plan to write the cheque when you arrive, please bring your own pen to reduce the risk of contamination.  

We can deliver within a 10km radius of Lascaux. Minimum order €20 and there is a delivery charge of €2 to cover fuel costs.  If you would like delivery, you may want to consider a group order with neighbours,

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to ask.  Stay safe!

Vegetable Boxes

After a successful launch last year, we are pleased to be taking registration for veg boxes for the 2020 season. This year we are offering delivery, and for people for whom a regular box does not suit, we will be offering a Click and Collect option where you can choose your vegetables online and arrange to pick them up at a time that suits you.  Click here for more details.

Our Philosophy

Sustainable and responsible growing is at the core of what we do, but it is more than just guidelines for gardening, it is a lifestyle choice.


From the very beginning, we have strived to make everything we do work in harmony with nature. This isn't about 'hippy' principles, we have learned the the effort you put forth in treating the land with care and respect is rewarded in the quality of the flowers, vegetables and fruit it produces. 


This extends beyond just the growing cycle. We have a flock of chickens and ducks who we move around the land regularly so they always have fresh grass and vegetation to eat, and we give them natural grains - no processed supplements or 'lay-helpers'. An added advantage is that they, in turn, fertilise the land for us in the most natural way possible.


We not registered organic (or 'Bio' as it is called in France). This is deliberate on our part because it can be very restrictive for a small farm, especially one that practices polyculture and integrated cultivation, as we do, rather than intensive monoculture farming. We do follow the key principles of organic farming, such as no chemical fertilisers or pesticides,etc, but we go further by using as many of the resources given to us by the land to cultivate our crops. For example, we gather the fallen leaves from our trees to mulch for compost and no green waste is disposed of, everything has a use and can be used to feed future plants.

Vegetables & Plant Nursery

In 2019, we launched our new veg box scheme and the sale of vegetables directly from the farm which went from strength to strength, and we are excited to be taking registrations for the 2020 season.  Different size  boxes are available, click here for more details. We also offer eggs from our free range flock of chickens and ducks.

In addition, we offer a wide range of plants including perennials, annuals and herbs, grown with love and care. Our plants are grown from from seed, after which we divide and take cuttings to multiply them using only organic compost, and free from artificial pesticides and fertilisers. All our plants are grown in natural conditions and they will be hardy and ready to be planted in your garden. 

Diversification & the Environment

The conservation of wildlife and the impact of climate change is at the forefront of many peoples concerns, not least of all us at Lascaux Permaculture Gardens,  To do our part, we follow permaculture principles and work as naturally as possible, using only natural fertilisers and avoiding all artificial chemicals to grow our produce. And, because there are no other farms around us that cultivate crops, we have a significantly reduced the risk of cross contamination from other farmers using pesticides. Other measures we have taken include keeping a forested area which serves as a hub for all manner of wildlife, as well as planting herbs and flowers right in the middle of the market garden to encourage bees and other pollinators, and we plant lots of sacrificial plants such as cabbages and lettuces because bugs have to eat as well. When we do need to control them, we only use organic slug pellets. We save a lot of our own seeds through allowing vegetables to go to flower, which in turn,  attracts a huge number of insects and pollinators. Recently, we have added a cow (Iris, a two year old Jersey) and two goats (Nessa and Daisy-May) to our little farm. Grass fed and free to roam outside as much as they choose, they will soon be producing milk and are already making some excellent fertilizer which helps our vegetables to grow even stronger.

The addition of animals to our vegetables and herbs has allowed us to adopt a more mixed approach to farming.  As well as Iris, Nessa and Daisy-May, we have lots of chickens ducks and geese, all of whom roam freely and are fed only on natural grain, with no artificial supplements to force egg laying. When the cow and goats give birth (any time now) we plan to allow the calf and kids to stay with their mothers and only take the excess milk for our own use.  The introduction of animals in this manner is part of the permaculture principle as they provide excellent natural fertiliser.  

Whilst we support all lifestyle choices, we are not vegan or vegetarian ourselves. We believe that a mixed diet consisting of high quality, high welfare food is the best option for both personal wellbeing and that of the planet as a whole. We chose to develop a mixed farm because we believe that is the best way to encourage a diverse environment, build quality soil and attract wild life, which in turn allows us to grow and eat the best possible produce. 

The mass production of, for example, soya can be a huge drain on the environment as it is grown on increasingly large monoculture farms, with no variation in the crops grown, and requires massive quantities of heavy fertilisers, often petroleum based. The importation of coconut and other nuts to make dairy free milk involves huge air miles to transport and has resulted in massive inequality in the societies where they come from. 

Whilst there is much more to the debate around the sustainability of food production, you can see why we have chosen to pursue the permaculture, polyculture approach, and we hope you enjoy the end products as well.


Vegetable Boxes

Coming Soon - The Shop

Coming Soon - The Shop

Last year we successfully launched our weekly vegetable  box scheme featuring fresh seasonal vegetables and herbs, all grown in our permaculture gardens.  Reistration for the 2020 season, which starts in May, is open now.  Click here for more info.


Coming Soon - The Shop

Coming Soon - The Shop

Coming Soon - The Shop

We will be opening an on-site shop in the spring, offering vegetables, flowers, eggs, herbs and other seasonal products as well as cordials, cakes and herbal tea blends. 



Coming Soon - The Shop


We have a lovely flock of chickens and ducks, with a few geese in there too, who produce fantastic eggs.  This is because they are truly free range - able to roam the land to scratch and peck for bugs and worms.   We supplement this with natural grain and allow them to lay as nature intends.  Ou ducks are all Muscovy ducks - a large breed that are pure white and whose eggs are perfect for baking. Our chickens are a  mix of sizes and breeds.  We have some Serama Frizzies and Araucanas (who lay blue eggs) but mostly they are a mish mash of breeds.  


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Better yet, see us in person! We are tucked away in the tiny hamlet of Lascaux, near Cheronnac.

We have a small car park, accessible by turning down what looks a bit like a mud path, but its a road.  It is signposted.  Please avoid parking in front of our neighbours barn, they need access to it at all times.  Thank you

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