Sustainably and responsibly grown

Sustainably and responsibly grown

Sustainably and responsibly grownSustainably and responsibly grown

About Us

Our Philosophy

Sustainable and responsible growing is at the core of what we do, but it is more than just guidelines for gardening, it is a lifestyle choice.


From the very beginning, we have strived to make everything we do work in harmony with nature. This isn't about 'hippy' principles, we have learned the the effort you put forth in treating the land with care and respect is rewarded in the quality of the flowers, vegetables and fruit it produces. 


This extends beyond just the growing cycle. We have a flock of chickens and ducks who we move around the land regularly so they always have fresh grass and vegetation to eat, and we give them natural grains - no processed supplements or 'lay-helpers'. An added advantage is that they, in turn, fertilise the land for us in the most natural way possible.


We not registered organic (or 'Bio' as it is called in France). This is deliberate on our part because it can be very restrictive for a small farm, especially one that practices polyculture and integrated cultivation, as we do, rather than intensive monoculture farming. We do follow the key principles of organic farming, such as no chemical fertilisers or pesticides,etc, but we go further by using as many of the resources given to us by the land to cultivate our crops. For example, we gather the fallen leaves from our trees to mulch for compost and no green waste is disposed of, everything has a use and can be used to feed future plants.

Vegetables & Plant Nursery

We offer a wide range of plants including perennials, annuals and herbs, grown with love and care. Our plants are grown from from seed, after which we divide and take cuttings to multiply them using only organic compost, and free from artificial pesticides and fertilisers. All our plants are grown in natural conditions and they will be hardy and ready to be planted in your garden. 

In 2019, we launched our new veg box scheme and the sale of vegetables directly from the farm.  Different size  boxes are available, click here for more details

What We Do

Vegetable Boxes


Last year we successfully launched our weekly vegetable  box scheme featuring fresh seasonal vegetables and herbs, all grown in our permaculture gardens.  Reistration for the 2020 season, which starts in May, is open now.  Click here for more info.

Coming Soon - The Shop


We will be opening an on-site shop in the spring, offering vegetables, flowers, eggs, herbs and other seasonal products as well as cordials, cakes and herbal tea blends. 

Coming Soon - Milk


We are very  about is the arrival of our first cow - Iris. She is a two year old jersey heifer who is due to give birth to her first calf in April.  In addition, we have Daisy and Nessa - two alpine goats who are also due to give birth in the very near future.  Between them they  will give us plenty of milk to sell and turn into cheese and yoghurt, as well as plenty of fertiliser for the garden!  We will keep you updated on her progress in our blog.


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Contact Us

Drop us a line!

Better yet, see us in person! We are tucked away in the tiny hamlet of Lascaux, near Cheronnac.

We have a small car park, accessible by turning down what looks a bit like a mud path, but its a road.  It is signposted.  Please avoid parking in front of our neighbours barn, they need access to it at all times.  Thank you

Lascaux Permaculture Gardens

Lascaux, Chéronnac, Haute-Vienne 87600, France

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