About Us

Hello, we are Cristina and Chris. We are based in the tiny Hamlet of Lascaux in the commune of Cheronnac, and started our little business because gardening is in our our blood.  Cristina was raised on a self-sufficient smallholding and learned how to grow from the knowledge passed down through generations of her family. She learned how to grow fruit and vegetables the traditional way from a young age and we continue that way of working to this day.  You will not see any intensively grown plants or artificial fertilisers in our beds!

We want to share the fruit of that knowledge (pardon the pun) with everybody and produce strong and healthy plants for you to grown on in your own garden, and vegetables for our veg box scheme, for which registrations are being taken for the 2020 season now. 

As you have probably guessed, we are ex-pats from the UK who, like many others, have chosen to live in France for the space, peace and quiet and of course - the weather, which is delightful in the summer but a challenge in the winter.

We fell in love with our place in Cheronnac a few years ago, and after a few of years going back and forth from the UK, we decided to make a more permanent move a little while go.   Renovating a 18th century stone house is a huge challenge, and added to that, the land that came with it hadn't been touched in over thirty years, which made getting it ready for cultivation a lot of hard work.  We are making steady progress and developing new areas of productive land all the time.

We came over with our two beloved cats - Mitzy and Boo, and have since acquired plenty of chickens and ducks, some geese, two gorgeous little goats and a cow - Iris.   The cats love it here even more than we do as they have room to roam and plenty to hunt (even if we wish they wouldn't!)  The chickens and ducks provide us with plenty of eggs and even more amusement with their antics.  We had a mother duck reject her babies so we had a fun time hand rearing seven ducklings.  They have grown up to be big, strong and super friendly.  

Thank you for visiting the site and we hope to see you soon.

Cristina & Chris