Our Flock of Chickens, Ducks and Geese


We love our birds!

Starting with three gorgeous muscovy ducks, we rapidly expanded our flock by adding chickens and geese and by letting some of the more motherly hens do what comes naturally and sit on eggs.  

As a result, we have a mixed bunch of chickens ranging in size, shape and colour, but all of them adorable and very friendly.

All our birds are free range, and live on grass (at least until they decimate it and we have to move them to a new patch!) and are fed a mix organic grains - corn, oats, sunflower seeds, barley and wheat - which keeps them healthy and happy.  We don't use any lay helper supplements, we allow them to lay as they choose and we get plenty of beautiful fresh eggs every day.

Below you will see a gallery of pictures and videos. we have a lot because we can't help but keep taking photos of them