Garden Design & Consultancy

Have Your Own Permaculture Garden

Would you like to create a more natural looking garden that works with nature and encourages wildlife while still being producing strong and healthy flowers, fruit and vegetables?  If so, a permaculture garden may be for you. 

Permaculture uses patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems to grow strong and healthy plants that provide an abundant yield.  Responsibility and sustainability are at the heart of permaculture because it works with nature and encourages wildlife to the garden.

How We Can Help

We can take the mystery out of creating a sustainable garden whatever soil, shade or your plot has and we can turn your ideas for a beautiful, natural garden into reality by providing an achievable plan whatever the size or scale of the project.  We cover all aspects of garden design from a one-off trouble-shooting consultation, to providing fully detailed plans for new design and planting schemes making it easy for you to create a new garden, or improve areas within your existing garden. We provide help with plant care, shrub and tree pruning and advice how to encourage friendly wildlife such as bees and hedgehogs to your garden.

There is nothing like discussing your garden, and what might thrive in it, with someone who is passionate about gardens and nature.

Following the initial consultation, we would normally produce a written report with advice on how to proceed. Depending on the nature of the garden and the intended projects this report could be all that you require, or it could lead to any of a wide range of solutions for developing the garden using my knowledge of permaculture, plants and design techniques.

A one-off consultation is a popular service. Not everyone needs a complete re-design of the garden, and an initial meeting can prove to be a really good starting point for getting advice, or deciding what needs to be done about particular problems.

After the visit you will receive a detailed written report as a reference document to support all aspects of the face to face meeting which will allow you to move your outdoor space forward.

As a garden designer I can offer a range of services:

- A general assessment of current planting

- Developing a low maintenance but productive and beautiful garden

- Preparing a maintenance schedule to help manage the garden

- Redesigning planting areas in an existing garden

We are based in the Cheronnac area and serve the Limousin area and surrounds. Please email me at cristina@lascauxpermaculturegardens for more information