Vegetables from the farm


Veg Boxes & More

 We are pleased to offer a fantastic veg box scheme, offering weekly boxes of fresh, seasonal vegetables grown responsibly and sustainably using permaculture principles in the heart of the Haute Vienne.   Each box will contain a minimum of five  varieties of fresh vegetables plus portions of homegrown herbs to use that week.  Email us at for more information and to register your interest.

Our scheme works on the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model that is very popular across Europe.  For more information about what a CSA is,click on the I Would Like to Know More page.

All our boxes are planned in accordance with what grown naturally in the local area throughout the year, which means that you will be truly eating with the seasons. The scheme runs for a nine month period, with vegetables available from our farm shop for the other three months. This is because when growing with the seasons, we cannot guarantee sufficient production during the depths of winter, so would rather not disappoint our customers. 

In addition, we will be sharing weekly recipes that use the herbs and vegetables on our Facebook page, website and email.

We also offer a number of supplementary products from the farm, such as fresh eggs from our lovely flock of chickens and ducks (click here to see more of them), as well as cordials, cakes, and herbal tea mixes. If you have a particular interest, contact us and let us know.

Bouquets of cut flowers are available during the spring, summer and early autumn at 2 euro per bunch.


Box Sizes, Prices & Delivery

Sizes & Prices 

We offer two sizes of boxes. The large box is suitable for 3 to 4 people and is called the 'Boo' box. It is named after our adorable (and huge) cat Boo. 

The 'Moo' box is named after our other, smaller cat, Mitzy (affectionately known as Mitzy-Moo) and will cater for 1-2 people.

A Boo box is 20 euro and the Moo box is 10 euro. Te scheme runs for a base period of 26 weeks (6 months) from May to October , so the total cost for a Moo subscription is 260 euro and the Boo subscription, 520 euro.  Payment can be made upfront via cash, bank transfer or cheque. Alternatively, if you prefer to pay monthly, we are happy to accept cheques through the period. 

If you would like a trial box, please get in touch at If you are interested but cannot commit to a full 6 month period, why not take advantage of our click and collect option.  Just select the products and quantities you would like and a collection slot.  

Eggs are available all year round and cost  1.40 euro for six or 2.40 euro for a dozen. We are registered egg producers and they are really, really good, even if we do say so ourselves!

Veg Box Delivery

Collection of the veg boxes from the farm  near Cheronnac is free and we are able to deliver for a small fee.  Delivery costs differ based on distance and are kept to a minimum to cover the costs of petrol and wear and tear on the vehicle.

< 10km  - 2 euro

10-20km - 3 euro

20km + 4 euro

Delivery to the more far reaching areas is subject to there being a minimum number of customers in the area, but we will do our best to accommodate everybody.  Please note that Click and Collect is cllection only.

An example of a recent 'Moo' size box

What we do

Here at Lascaux Permaculture Gardens, we strive to produce the best possible vegetables, fruit and flowers we can, As our name suggests, we grow our produce using permaculture principles, which means that we don’t use pesticides, manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers. It is an environmentally sustainable way of farming in tune with the land and natural environment.  We use a ‘no-dig’ approach to cultivation which helps preserve the structure and goodness of the soil and works in harmony with nature.

 Where possible, we grow heritage varieties and we don't use any artificial fertilisers or pesticides, instead, we use our own compost and natural fertilisers such as nettle juice and comfrey.  Of course, the manure from our flock of chickens helps a lot, and our cow, Iris, and goats, Nessa and Daisy may, are no slouches in that department. and contributes a great deal to the soil!

All this means that we grow our vegetables in real, high quality, naturally fertile soil, which we believe gives the best produce, i.e. carrots and potatoes that actually taste of something, and a variety you won't see everywhere because we are always experimenting with growing  different vegetables. 

If you would like to see how the veg is grown, or see our chickens and ducks, you are always welcome to visit. Just contact us in advance so we know you are coming and we would be delighted to show you around.